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Dopple App

CLIENT | Academic
TYPE | Interface Design

Dopple utilizes critical theory through its underlying examination of herd mentality in an anonymous, objective, digital environment. Users are asked to provide basic personal information to generate a profile, but do not share personal information publicly unless promoted by a potential match and only ever by consent. This highly contrasts familiar social media applications that utilize highly customizable profiles and continuous communication. Instead, DOPPLE is characterized by its anonymity and specificity — it only connects you with people who are most like you.



Video edited with the help of Nathan Jubb from JUBB Productions
*This video was made for a school project, some video segments have been borrowed and the rights to this footage and audio elements are property of their respective owners.

Dopple_Portrait_Home copy Dopple_Portrait_Login Dopple_Portrait_Question Dopple_Portrait_Results Dopple_Portrait_Results2

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