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Find & Follow – Human Centered Design

CLIENT | US Department of State
TYPE | Interactive Experience/Human Centered Design
INDUSTRY | Government

Within a multi disciplinary team, Design Thinking and Human Centered Design was used to address the specific social issue of Violent Extremism (CVE). Our goal was to address the misconception amongst some people about the Muslim faith and culture. With media coverage often focusing on violence, aggression, and extreme acts of terrorism, the team set out to open a dialogue on the issue and create a counter narrative to challenge those assumptions. This narrative came in the form of ‘Find & Follow’ — an interactive, text-based experience which invited participants to interact with a variety of different installations depicting true aspects of the Muslim faith and culture.

The team developed an interactive experience using a text message platform to send location-based clues to participants, directing them to installations that encouraged a range of interactive experiences. Via the text message platform, participants were encouraged to share what they saw and reflect on their thoughts and experiences. The program culminated in participants receiving a representation of their individual path, displayed within the combined contributions of all participants in the form of a tapestry.


Path Mockup2Tapestry Mockup

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