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Beakerhead 2015 Limited Edition Poster

CLIENT | Beakerhead 2015
TYPE | Event Poster
INDUSTRY | Culture

Technology is inside of just about everything we touch in the modern world. However, it is not often we consider the inner workings of these machines to be particularly aesthetic. This work explores the beauty within all the little pieces that make up the attractive things we have become accustomed to. Beakerhead seeks to explore and display the magic that can happen when engineering, science and art are fused together – which in truth, is always all around us. As such, the circuit board transcends being more just a piece of hardware into a thing of true magnificence.

Get your limited edition 56.5cm W x 76cm H (22.25″ W x 30″ H) screen print here

Featured in Show, Don’t Tell – Photography and Graphic Design Exhibition at The Peanut Gallery (December 1st – 12th)




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